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What is black, round and makes 45 rpm?

Right! Our vinyl is finally ready and it's waiting for you!

It sounds awesome, our new single has been dropped off of a truck near our house and now we are busy to get everything ready for the big release concert! It'll be soon but the exact date is still not clear. We will let you know as soon as it's possible. By the way, with the vinyl you get a free mp3 download for both the shadows parts, plus the b-sides Through Your Mind and Feel, sounds good, hey? For all the vinyl haters who anyhow admire our music it is also possible to just buy the mp3's but sadly to say only the shadows parts. The b-sides are exclusive-vinyl material!

That's the way it is, we'll keep you informed about our activities. So, go and wash your favorite t-shirt, we'll see you at our releaseparty!

Spin and rock!